GCSE Revision Time again.

Once again it’s that time of year, you’re breaking up for Easter and that means revision in a big way for those up-coming exams. Well don’t panic there can still be time to do other things if you get well organised and make every minute of your time count. So put the smart phone to one side, and close the Facebook tab on the internet for five minutes and let’s see what can be revised in a short sharp burst!

Some of the tricky grammar bits for example – SER and ESTAR

Uses of SER:

1. Saying where you come from – Soy de Londres – I’m from London
2. Relationships – Ellos son mis padres – they are my parents
3. Physical attributes – Yo soy alto – I’m tall.
4. Personality characteristics – Ella es amable – She is nice
5. Possession – La casa es tuya – The house is yours.
6. Profession – Sr. Garcia es abogado – Mr Garcia is a lawyer..
7. Identification – Estos son calcetines – These are socks.
8. Date and Time – Hoy es el veintitres de marzo – Today is the 23rd March.
9. Nationality – Gabriel Garcia Marquez es colombiano – Gabriel Garcia Marquez is Colombian.
10. Natural colour – La leche es blanca – Milk is white.

Uses of ESTAR

1. Location – Yo estoy en el comedor – I’m in the dining room.
2. Mood – Ellos estan tristes – They are sad.
3. Physical Condition – Estamos enfermos – We are ill.
4. Result of an action (often used with past participle) Estoy sentado – I’ m seated / I am sitting.
5. Unnatural colour or condition – Las manos estan sucias – Her hands are dirty (i.e. not clean)
6. Going from the general to the particular – Este cafe esta muy bueno – this coffee is very good.

Good luck with this piece of Revision.

Come back for more short grammar revision – POR and PARA will be next.

With thanks for Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses by Dorothy Richmond.


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